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Quick Overview

Stainless Steel Bellows are widely used in ducting, vessels and piping for controlling the stress generated due to fluctuating dimensions from thermal expansion or contraction. Unlike bends and loops, these bellows require comparatively less space. These are the superior quality of flexible supporting accessories, ensuring absorption of movements and vibrations. In nutshell, these stainless steel bellows offer a stress-free pipe installation and avoid the transmission of vibrations in gas, air or water pipelines.


  • Need less space
  • Superior flexible support
  • Absorb movements and vibrations
  • Suitable for non-acidic environments, cryogenic and non-magnetic applications
  • Offers better corrosion resistance for acidic applications
  • Ensure stress-free pipe installation
  • Wide range of diaphragm thickness is available


  • Size range: 15mm NB to 1000mm NB
  • Shapes : Circular and rectangular
  • Connection: Internal thread, external thread or flange


  • Single Expansion joints
  • Double Expansion joints
  • Universal Expansion joints (Tied or Untied)