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Rotex Coupling shaft couplings are the original curved jaw coupling. Superior vibration dampening and torque transmission characteristics result in an excellent running quality and service life. ROTEX couplings are maintenance-free and can compensate for misalignment without exerting additional stresses to component shafts or the insert. ROTEX has become the standard choice among equipment manufacturers worldwide. ROTEX-GS is an economical, high-performance, zero-backlash shaft coupling that can be tuned to your system requirements with a simple change of spider. Precision machined from aluminum and steel, the couplings offer the benefits of the curved jaw design while providing backlash free torque transmission. A variety of fastening designs make the ROTEX-GS the ideal coupling for today’s high performance applications.
  • Machined concave jaw pockets •Steel, aluminum or cast iron hubs •Urethane spider inserts •Horse Power range from 1 to 4500hp •Bore sizes up to 7.75 inches •Zero backlash •3 pc design for blind assembly •Horse Power range from 1 to 160hp •Bore sizes up to 3.15 inches Size:
  • GR 7, GR 9, GR 14, GR 19, GR 24, GR 28, GR 38, GR 42, GR 48, GR 55, GR 60, GR 75, GR 90, GR 100, GR 110, GR 125, GR 140, GR 180, GR 200, GR 220, GR 250.