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Quick Overview

Application of Magnetic Separator

Magnetic separator is one of the most widely used and high universality in industry, it is suitable for reusing to removed iron powder in the powder granule etc. Magnetic separator is widely used to recycling in wood industry, mining, ceramics, chemical, food factory and other factories. Magnetic separator is suitable for wet or dry magnetic separation with the size within 3mm materials of the manganese ore and magnetite, pyrrhotine, roasted ore and ilmenite , which is also used to separate the iron in coal, nonmetal ore, building materials etc.

Classification of Wet Type Magnetic Separator

According to the different structure of tank, Magnetic separator can be divided into downstream type, counter-current type, half counter-current type. The feeding size of three different type magnetic separator as follows : downstream tank ≤6mm, counter-current tank ≤1.5mm, half counter-current type≤0.5mm. 1.drum 2.magnetic system 3. Tank 4. Magnetic guide 5.support 6. Spray pipe 7. Feed box
  1. Dumping mine water pipe 9.baseplate 10.adjusting device of magnetic declination 11. Support

Working principle of Wet Magnetic Separator

Pulp flow into tank through feed box , under the action of feeding water spray’s water flow , mineral grain go into the feed mining area of tank in the manner of loose.Under the action of magnetic field, magnetic magnetic mineral grains occur together and form "magnetic group" or "magnetic chain" , Magnetic group" or "magnetic chain" are affected by magnetic force in the pulp , movement to magnetic pole, and yet adsorbed on the cylinder. Due to the polarity of the magnetic pole along the drum rotation direction are arranged alternately, and fixed at work, "Magnetic group" or "magnetic chain" rotates along with cylinder, which occur magnetic stirring With alternating magnetic, The gangue and non-magnetic minerals with"magnetic group" or "magnetic chain" fall off when rotating . The "magnetic group" or "magnetic chain" that was eventually absorbed on the surface of the cylinder is concentrate . Concentrate gets to the most weak place of Magnetic system edge with the cylinder rotating , which is discharged concentrate tank under the action of discharging ore hoses flushing water, If it is all-magnetic magnetic roller, the brush roll is used to dump mine. Non-magnetic or weak magnetic minerals in pulp is discharged from discharging groove, which is the tailing.