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Quick Overview

We bulk material handling equipments , are one of the Leading, manufactures & suppliers of Hastelloy Flanges.

Grades under Hastelloy Flanges

Hastelloy C276- UNS No. N10276 Hastelloy C22- UNS No. N06022 Hastelloy B2- UNS No. N10665 Hastelloy C4- UNS No. N06455

Types of Hastelloy Flanges

Weld Neck Flanges(WNRF) Slip-on Flanges(SORF) Blind Flanges(BLRF) Lap Joint Flanges Socket Weld Flanges (SWRF) Screwed Threaded Flanges Long Weld Neck Flanges Spectacle Blind Flanges Ring Type Joint Flanges Reducing Flanges Raised Flanges Orifice Flanges Custom Flanges Drawing Flanges Forged Flanges Plates Flanges Flat Face Flanges Please contact us for more details.