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We are distributor of leading encoder suppliers . We offer Incremental Encoder which are used for encoding the electricity into mechanical data. Our encoders are designed in such way that these can bear harsh and wear & tear conditions of different industries. The range of encoders is available in distinct models which are cost effective as well. These can be availed in bulk to our clients that too within the stipulated time frame. We Are On The Highly Demanding Field Track Of Energy Efficient Electrical & Power- Electronics Equipments , Process Control Instrumentation, Automation, Safety & Security Products In Wide Range Having Credentials On Different Application Sector As Stated . High-Tech Various Process Plants As Rolling Mill, Electroplating , Extrusion, Reduction Of Aluminium, Copper, Iron, Steel ; Cement, Ceramics, Carbon, Coke, Chemicals ;Paper, Plastics, Packaging , Printing, Dyeing ; Wire Drawing, Textile , Hosiery , Jute, Rice, Sugar Mills; Rubber & Tannery; Pharmaceuticals, Food Products & Beverages; Power Plants & Water Treatment Plant; Metallurgy & Mining ,Casting Forging & Foundry , Oil & Gas , Materials Handlings Conveyor, Eot Cranes, Elevators; Project Houses , Oem, Technical & Medical Institutions , Banks & Offices.