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Quick Overview

Cable Drag Chains are used for conveying flexible cables/hoses etc. to movable units with maximum reliability. The construction of these chains is such that they cannot bend below a fixed minimum radius which is decided based on the cable/hose size. Cable Drag Chains can be used for conveying cables and hoses. In case of hoses, the medium can be air, liquid or any gaseous matter. These chains can be used for horizontal applications, vertical applications, circular movements as well as combined horizontal and vertical movements.


  • Very low maintenance required as the motors are extremely robust in construction & reliable in operation.
  • Large magnitude of force can be achieved
  • Amplitude of vibrations can be varied by changing the position of the centrifugal weights in standstill condition of the motor.
  • Extremely simple to connect and operate.
  • Depending on the application, motors with different RPM's can be selected.
cable drag chains can be supplied for wide ranges of length of travel, number of cables and hoses, acceleration and speed requirements, existing space conditions, movements and special work environments.

Data required for selection of cable drag chain


  • Length of travel
  • Max. acceleration
  • Speed of travel:
  • Frequency of travel
  • Number and external diameter of the cables/hoses to be installed.
  • Required bending radius
  • Weight in kg/m of the cables and hoses (including hose content)
  • Width of chain
  • Working environment
  • Type of Stay:


  • Non standard bending radius can be supplied on request
  • When exceeding the maximum permissible width of chain E (dependent on the load), an additional chain should be used.

Type of stay

The stay design offers the best way of carrying flexible cables/hoses in a cable drag chain, because each cable/hose is guided in a separate hole in the neutral axis.
  • Unsplit hole stay - Here the stay is in a single piece
  • split hole stay - Here the stay is made up of 2 separate halves. The main advantage of split hole type of stay is that the cable can first be laid on the bottom half of the stay and after they are in position, the top half can be clamped.

Chain Connection

Cable Drag Chains are supplied with four/eight connecting angles depending on the model. Where necessary, the connecting angles can be positioned with the fastening holes to the outside of the chain width.

Accessories for Cable Drag Chains

If a clean, flat surface is not available, then a trough is required to guarantee optimum operation of the cable drag chain.

Steelband Covering

Cable Drag Chains with steelband coverings are used where is necessary to protect the cables/hoses from hot chips and dust etc.