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Offering Composite Flanges, Cu-Ni90/10, Cu-Ni70/330. ·  Composite Flanges
Composite weld-neck and composite slip-on flanges are made up from two components, an inner Flange(welding collar) in Al-Brass, Cu-Ni 90/10, Cu-Ni 70/30 and an outer flange in carbon steel. Composite blind flanges are made up from a carbon steel blind flange with a welded-on, and machined disc in Al-Brass, Cu-Ni 90/10 or Cu-Ni 70/30.
·  Solid Flanges
Solid flanges in Al-brass, Leaded yellow brass, Cu-Ni 90/10 or Cu-Ni 70/30 are produced from bar by hot forging and machining, solid flanges in bronze are produced by casting and machining.
·  Solid Silver-Brazing Flanges
Solid silver brazing flanges incorporate integral silver-brazing alloy rings and under normal circumstances there is generally no need to socket feed with additional brazing alloy. The silver brazing alloy to AWS A5, 8-BAG1, BAG7, JIS E3261 BAG1, BAG7 or BS1845 AG1, AG7.
·  Product Range
Composite and solid flanges are available in standard sizes machining those of the relevant pipe and butt welding fittings. Non-standard size flanges are produced to certain minimum quantity limitations