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EPDM Bowl Washer/ BAZ washer/Umbrella washer + stainless Steel 1.EPDM heat resistance 2.EPDM Hardness: 80+/- 5 sha 3.Metal: Stainless Steel EPDM Rubber Bonded Washer Specifications:  1.EPDM heat resistance: Black non-conductive EPDM : 170 degrees Celsius (338 Fahrenheit) for 20 minutes 2.EPDM Hardness: (customization is available) - Black non-conductive EPDM: 75 +/- 7 shore A 3.Metal: Stainless Steel (A2) 4.OEM / ODM products. Features:  1.EPDM properties are its outstanding heat, ozone and weather resistance. - Quality elastomeric compounding to meet specifications for elasticity, memory, temperature extremes, chemical, ozone, and sunlight-resistance. It has the ability to retain light color. EPDM benefit is not to pollute the runoff rainwater. 2.Conical design directs flow of facing materials to form a seal conforming to both fastener and sealing surface - Reliable sealing quality for diverse screw. (Roofing, self-taping, self-drilling, tank, slot screws....) 3.Wide bottom design performs stronger water-proof effect.